Sound Deck

Late at night, I go out to the deck  to smoke a cigarette and  soak in starlight before bed.  The downstairs neighbor’s music  fills the air with temple bells,  Tibetan bowls on repeat—  lullaby romanticizing this view  of unpolluted constellations  and magical Whetstone mountain.  A midnight cyclist  surfs the Nordic track,  tires humming like a… Continue reading Sound Deck

The Shallows

Poets and singers write about rivers but sometimes you just need to write furiously and violently until there’s nothing left inside What comes next after debilitating grief Is it Nothing You text me about sewer rats and I feel like I live in the swamps Back to the channel where the alligator gar stalk and… Continue reading The Shallows

Crescendo of cicadas

Thoughts inside my mind swirling, twirling, twisting. Inside my ears: a crescendo of cicadas, symphony of crickets. Just calm down and cry, but I can’t release the tears. I can’t forget the whoosh: the end of the wind on the gustiest of days, the day you decided to exit– Grand Finale that doesn’t seem so… Continue reading Crescendo of cicadas